Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday.  All you Moms who had kids starting school this morning I hope that went well.  I have no children so I don't have to go through that anxiety and planning. 

Next weekend is the last of my three day weekends.  They will be missed.  We have been working four-day work weeks over the summer and I haven't worked on a Friday since the beginning of last summer as we have been having furloughs due to state budget cuts in California.  Though I am happy to have the 10% added back to my paycheck, I will be VERY SAD to see my Fridays off go away.  Fridays have been my lazy sort of day since I knew I still had 2 more days to get chores and errands done. 

I did some crafting this weekend.  I make a beach themed mini album for my brother and his family.  They came to California in the Spring and visited the beach a few times and then also did some beach time in Washington over the summer.  I will post photos or a video of this later.

I also participated in the Scrapbeach Anniversary virtual crop on Ustream on Saturday.  I caught some of the afternoon session and tuned in for all of the evening session.

Have a great week.
Happy Crafting

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